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High Quality Artificial Grass

Here at Fylde Coast Fencing we supply the highest quality European Manufactured artificial grass at the very best prices. Please call or visit our shop to view our wide range of samples. Next day delivery on all local orders.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

With its lush and long-lasting appearance, your lawn will look well cared for every day of the year.

Artificial grass will last for at least 10 years, however with the right care, its possible to keep it looking as good as new for many years beyond that.

All our grass is manufactured in the EU and does not contain any harmful materials that could be contained in products made outside of the EU.

Here are some of the benefits of an artificial lawn so you can be ready to relax in your garden as soon as the sun makes an appearance!

Realistic Appearance

Artificial grass comes in a variety of pile heights with different densities. Typically, the higher the pile height, the spongier the grass will feel under your feet. Artificial grass pile height can start at 10mm however this usually means a low density and can leave your lawn looking sparse and thin.

At Fylde Coast Fencing our range starts at super bouncy 32mm through to a luxurious 40mm.

The composition of the yarn also makes a difference to the appearance of the lawn. With a blend of multiple tones of green combined with curly strands of thatching in natural brown tones, there is a noticeable difference in appearance depending on how rustic you want your lawn to look.

Colour choice is down to personal preference and our range encompasses a variety of shades.

Easy Maintenance

Forget mowing the lawn every weekend, get out in the garden and enjoy it! One of the biggest benefits to many people is the lower maintenance required to keep your grass looking summer ready all year round. Barren patches, dandelions and moss are a thing of the past.

How often you clean your Artificial grass depends on your personal situation, if you have kids and pets it will need maintenance more often than households without. Typically, the grass should be cleaned monthly, by spraying the fibres with a hose. To remove dust and leaves the grass will need brushing or raking with a flexible rake.

To remove pet waste, dispose in your usual method and then spray the area down afterwards. You can also use a turf deodoriser to avoid odours.

All our grass is UV stabilised to minimise fading and constructed with drainage, so it will not become waterlogged.

Safe for all the family

All our grass is manufactured in the EU, ensuring that no harmful materials are used. The grass is child and pet friendly and easy to clean, making it suitable for families and pet owners.

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